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Quotes from Attendees

Quote from a California College:

"At my college we have used or implemented several concepts presented at the institute. We have developed a planning process that integrates long-term and annual planning with budgeting and program review processes. In addition, as we have prepared our next 6-year college strategic plan, we have developed a plan to measure some key performance indicators on a regular basis to assess our progress toward our goals. We plan to report out on our progress to both the college and surrounding community with a regular "dashboard"-type report. We also made good use of the environmental scanning tips that were presented at one of the sessions. The resources provided at the institute were invaluable and the binder is a permanent fixture in my planning file."

Quote from a medical college administrator in Texas:

"The institute has been a wonderful asset to me as I work on IE here at my institute. Some specific highlights that the workshop enabled were:

  • a very focused and clear purpose of IE in the academic arena (solid foundation for my work)
  • precise delineation between student learning outcomes and process statements, and why SLOs are so important (we revamped both our academic and administrative institutional effectiveness plans (IEPs) to reflect student outcomes which was a big step in the right direction that was noted in the report from our August SACS site visit)
  • I offered an IE training to our administrative staff that reviewed and emphasized specific information from the July 2008 workshop
  • A better institution-wide understanding of IE – administrative departments are more engaged in the IEP process, and excited to collect data to add to their IEPs, demonstrate their department's support of our institutional mission and goals.
  • Our IE process has stepped up to the next level as a result of the information provided.

Thank you again, it was definitely an educationally transformative workshop – can’t wait for the next one!”

Quote from a community college Dean:

"You should also know that the binder from the institute has become my assessment bible. I've used the handouts and the CD more than any other conference I've ever attended. I'm writing my dissertation for a PhD in Education Research and Policy Analysis and none of the materials from any of my graduate work have been as helpful as these conference materials."

Quote from a university faculty member:

"In general, the principles of outcome assessment I learned from the institute have been instrumental to our promoting a positive culture of assessment at my college. As a developer/ coordinator of the college's new outcomes assessment initiative, your workshop substantiated my knowledge base for this work. I have a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research with emphasis on research methods, assessment, and program evaluation. Your conference was most worthwhile for me in that it contextualized my endeavors for higher education outcomes assessment. In other words, even though I have a substantial background in assessment I found your conference meaningful and helpful."

Other quotes from former attendees:

"The Annual Institute on Best Practices in Institutional Effectiveness is by far, the best conference I have ever attended on the topic of Institutional Effectiveness. The networking opportunities were outstanding."

"If you're new to outcomes based assessment, start here! This conference will provide the basics that you need to plan your institution's implementation of outcomes based assessment."

"The best conference on Institutional Effectiveness that I have attended! I received more useful information to use at my college than from any conference I have attended."

"I think the conference was terrific. The generic forms and presentations that could be adapted for local use were excellent. Thanks for offering them in paper and CD-ROM."

"While attending this conference the "light bulb" went on and I finally "got it". Institutional effectiveness is EVERYTHING the university does that enhances the student's ability to succeed! Thanks!"